Welcome at my private website!

I've build this website, to spread some of my private written software tools and applications to the public.

The first tool is the WinToken Client. With this tool, passwords for the use with servers utilizing mobile otp could be generated now under Windows.

Wintoken MOTP 

WinToken MOTP

I know, for security reasons, the clients are normally executed on a different, mobile platform, using something like Java, Android or iOS.
In my business I have several user who don't want to use a mobile device, but still need access to the vpn-tunnel. Therefore i have written a tool for Windows in my spare time.

Today, Android could be also used to generate a motp-password and establish a vpn-connection at the same time. So it makes no difference, if we use Android or Windows to generate a key, in my opinion.

But you have to score the risk at youself!

The tool is working but in early development state. I'm planning to convert it to C# and add some additional futures like multiple profiles and encryption of the stored secrets. But I have not that much time, so please be patient.

If you have any suggestions or need help, please feel free to contact me by email.



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